Message From the President

Yoshiaki Fukunaka

President( the Chairman of the Board of Trustees )

Yoshiaki Fukunaka“Chiba Meitoku Gakuen” originated from a girls’ high school , “Chiba Shukutoku Kotojogakko” established in 1925. Subsequently, Chiba Shukutoku Kotojogakko was incorporated as a foundation-school and then it was converted to an incorporated educational institution, “Gakkohojin Chiba Meitoku Gakuen”(“Chiba MEITOKU INSTITUTE of Education” in English ), which had a high and junior high school, in accordance with the reform of the national education system after world war Ⅱ.

Now, Chiba Meitoku Gakuen has five schools and two nurseries ; Chiba Meitoku College( course;the Study of Creative Childcare ), Chiba Meitoku High school, Chiba Meitoku Junior High School, the Kindergarten Attached to Chiba Meitoku College, Meitoku Yachimata Child Center for early childhood education and care , Meitoku Motoyawataeki Nursery and Meitoku Hamanoeki Nursery . In addition, Chiba Meitoku Gakuen founded “Shakaifukushihojin Chiba Meitokukai”(“Chiba Meitokukai Social Welfare Corporation ” in English )as a sister corporation and has it operate, Meitoku Toke Child Center for early childhood education and care, Meitoku Sodenino Nursery.

“Meitoku” in our name is derived from “Daigaku”, one of “Shisho”( the very important four books in the Confucian classics ). The word “Daigaku” has a different meaning from the same word in modern Japanese ―now, this word usually means an university. However, the word “Daigaku” mentioned here means “Great Learning” for improving a whole nation or society, in contrast with “Shogaku”, that is, “Small Learning” of practical knowledge for making a personal living.

Then, how can we master such “Daigaku”? The book of “Daigaku” says the way which leads us to “Daigaku” is to clarify one’s “Meitoku”. And then, what does “Meitoku” mean? “Meitoku” means various virtues or human nature which are gifted to each and every person. And to clarify one’s “Meitoku” is, in short, to recognize and improve these virtues and an individual human nature so that they shine brightly.